From Startup to Seven Figures


The Fittest called for a 360° agency experience to expeditiously launch an all-new, assertive glandular supplements brand.

It was our role to actualize their aspirations of becoming a world-class fitness and health company.


Never Settle
For Less


Services Rendered

Brand Identity + Design

Product Design

Website Development

Cross-platform Launch Strategy

Campaign Creative

Graphic Design

Social Media Management

E-mail Marketing

Paid Media Management


In Just 60 Days, a punchy, yet sophisticated brand made its debut.

The Fittest was tattooed on the minds and stocked in the cupboards of an entire fitness empire.

Ah, the infamous bag swipe

In marketing, there are no accidents.

Even pure brilliance and hilarity has an end goal -

to build memory structures and engrain brand identity

In just 60 days...
Becoming an Alpha Oranism

A brand was born

The Fittest adopted its prestigious red crown, textured and rough to reflect a seasoned king


Icons & Watermarks




Enter next, Brixton Lead Vector – the font tasked with carrying the message, while nature’s own warning signs (red, black, and white) would emphasize the importance. The torn paper effect was recruited last, in final reference to stripping back the modern world.

Primary - Headers, sub-headers

Brixton Lead Vector

Secondary - Legal and technical information

Helvetica LT Std

A Badass Brand Story was Told

Fast-hitting, hand-held footage. Beads of sweat. Flying chalk and descending dust. Warriors were invited to feel it all: the pain, the struggle, the triumph.

Most of all, the invigorating feeling of getting to work.

An Audience was built

Over 30k Warriors rallied to The Fittest Instagram and TikTok for daily workout motivation and 1:1 support. Many were already primed by figurehead, Liver King, to embrace The Fittest philosophy in full.

“Take massive action.”


The fittest e-commerce platform was launched


A robust and highly disruptive design empowered The Fittest team to engage customers early (pre-launch) with FREE workout programming, nutrition and sleep guides.






At the highest level

We took Viewers and created subscribers

Unstoppable Momentum

No Rest Days

Education flooded every inbox across every channel to form a cult-like following, with a compelling e-mail open rate (40%). It was time to convert.

Initial product launch propelled 20x ROAS – in just 8 weeks.

Launch success was a collective result of advanced paid media strategy (30% of sales), an intensely devoted social and subscriber list, optimized with a highly-converting website (up to 5%).

Paid media efforts (alone) accrued 10.29x ROAS on 5M impressions. $23.8k monthly ad spend yielded an average of $245k in direct sales, confirming an incredible launch by any and all standards.


Today, the fittest projects $3-5M in y1 of sales

mission complete.


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