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The most fruitful relationships tend to blossom over time. Our ties with California-inspired apparel and home décor brand, Jenni Kayne, originated from a simple request: to produce cross-channel creative for a handful of months, that encompassed the art of living well through style, simplicity, and comfort.

“Bringing 1DS on for further ads was a no-brainer…”

Meaghan, Head of Brand

Jenni Kayne

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One thing led to another, courtesy of emotive and thoughtfully-curated video campaigns. Our creative drove such a lift in customer interest and acquisition, that the fortunate responsibility of handling multi-channel creative became ours to own. Our relationship with Jenni Kayne flourishes today, as we continue to elevate organic social and advertising performance for all three branches of the brand: Jenni Kayne [apparel], Jenni Kayne Home, and Oak Essentials.


Welcome Home: the launch of Jenni Kayne Home

Jenni Kayne Home would embody an equal appreciation for beauty, function, and timeless staples as the original coastal fashion brand. These values are core to the consumer. They describe more than just the clothes they choose to wear, but the way they design every aspect of their lives. Understanding consumer motivation led us to capture Jenni Kayne Home with a deep emphasis on quality, comfort, and family.

(cashmere sweaters and pointy flats)

There's no place quite like Jenni Kayne Home

Many seasons ago...

The pursuit of better living began.

From a timeless brand identity – came a California-cool creative strategy.

Although we’ve been known to build brands from scratch, we take equal pleasure in respecting a set of established guidelines. Expertise in brand creation only feeds our appreciation for honoring and adopting brand behavior with unwavering integrity.

a capsule wardrobe

A broadcast
commercial was

We set out to make history for Jenni Kayne [apparel], enabling the sophisticated tastemaker to approach TV advertising for the first time. Their introductory commercial would balance lifestyle with product, natural textures with premium details, to represent effortless, attainable luxury.

The Jenni Kayne aesthetic was aired.

And as if to directly honor the founding mission of Jenni Kayne, thousands of well-dressed women were immediately inspired. An influx of 908, 600 unique visitors landed at the website with the same, unspoken desire – to elevate their wardrobe in signature, Jenni-Kayne style. And to think just moments before, most had no idea what that even entailed.



You were invited inside the Jenni Kayne Home, featuring Oak Essentials.

On the back of high-performing ads for Jenni Kayne [apparel], we were entrusted with the creative launch of Jenni Kayne Home. Not to mention, social and advertorial content for the all-new foundational skincare brand, Oak Essentials. We leaned on demonstrated methods to engage a rather familiar, effortlessly chic female.

timeless classics

The world of video production was at Jenni Kayne’s feet.

There was no platform or format the team was afraid to touch. This prompted a number of
feature campaigns  including an aspirational tour of The Jenni Kayne Ranch. Plus, snackable social content for all key channels. This would go on to amass over 300k organic views and close to 25k total engagements.

exclusive looks

Since 2020, high-level creative has contributed to well over double revenue growth year-on-year.

We continue to shoot for the multivarious sides of Jenni Kayne every 2 months. As their collections expand, we’re the first to say, so too shall their content libraries.

Transitional wardrobe acquired.

Mission Complete.

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