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Increased Sales Over a Thousand Percent with 1DS
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Reathlete, a 2 man operation, approached 1DS to elevate their content, influencer relations, and paid media. They were experiencing slow growth on all platforms. Reathlete had ambitions of launching a half a dozen products over the next 12 months. As well as tripling revenues YOY.

Social Mgmt, Content, Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, Product Design, landing page, email marketing, brand strategy. We developed a content and social media management system that harnessed the power of the 1DS Creative Team and 1DS Network. We developed brand, content, paid, social, and influencer marketing strategy.

Increased Sales Over a Thousand Percent with 1DS

Designed and Launched 4 new products, increased sales from $700k to $7M in 18 months, Influencer gifting operations that yielded a net sales gain of $100k+ on 10k of product cost. For the 1DS campaign period sales went up 1058.91% and transaction volume went up 1100.53% over the previous period.

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